Sunday, August 10, 2014

Whispers of Wild Noise

Occasionally in life there are events where everything in our fragmented day to day, intersects…  a focus where the world appears crystal clear, and all the blur melts away. It is in these moments where we catch a glimpse of how it all connects. In these spaces we feel perfect with all the crazy imperfections we normally run from. When we breath in this air… we understand our tangled breath as the beautiful weaving of everything.

Last year at this time I stumbled into one of these moments. It was called Wild Noise. I spent these days in the magic shadows of the Santa Cruz redwoods… creating, singing, playing, eating (delicious food), growing. It was this week that I received my mastered tracks back for my first CD (Bag of Simple), reconnected to art that lights me up (Andy Goldsworthy), talked permaculture/used tools from Ecology of Leadership, and caught a glimpse of all of these things making up who I am.

Sadly… Wild Noise will not be happening this year. We couldn't inspire enough people to carve out this space in their life. Why is that? How do we invite people to find these gifts in their lives? I do not know the answer to these questions, but perhaps this is how Wild Noise is providing me focus this year… by giving me questions to be curious about, and the challenge of creating/manifesting what is important in my life.

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