Friday, August 1, 2014

Coffee & Slow Living Radio

I was recently invited to be a guest on Slow Living Radio, and talk about my experience traveling with Ritual Coffee Roasters down to Honduras. One of the hosts, Sally James, is a long time customer at our store in Napa (in the Oxbow Public Market), and asked me to come share about my experience visiting several of the farms that we source coffee from.

It was a great time to reflect a bit on how amazing this trip was, and what a special relationship we get to have with our producers at Ritual. I talked about picking coffee cherries at Los Manos, and about how the cherries are processed. I tried my best to convey the impact that this beautiful journey had in my work life, and beyond.

We rarely get to track the things that we consume back to the source. To touch that land, the process and to share with those people… is unique, and powerful. So many images stick in my mind, as well as all the laughs that I shared with my co-workers/friends.

Life feels like it is unfolding… and I am finally catching glimpses of how it is all connected. TreeBed Design is rooted in all of these connections, and I am excited to watch as it pushes up through the soil to see the light of these days.

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