Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring is Rumbling...

We are well into Spring, and I can certainly feel it rumbling under the surface of my life! So much preparation for the seeds planted (some, so long ago)... ready to burst forth. I wonder if seeds feel as uncomfortable with this process as I do right now. Is a seed prepared for the massive shifts and changes that unfold as it pushes new life out into the world? Perhaps there are days leading up to this emerging when seeds say, "not today... I am just not ready for all of this change".

Or... is it possible that the seed simply lets the world unfold from within... soaking up all that life has to offer, and returning the gift by being a unique part of that unfolding. I doubt the seed has a "worrying mind"... or voices whispering judgements, negativity and self doubt. For some reason, I do.

However, I have some choosing in the matter, and as this Spring (and I) unfold... I want to choose to remain in my curiosity about this unfolding. I want to pay attention, and soak up this beautiful life that surrounds me. I might not even recognize this new world that I am emerging into... What a gift! Will it recognize me? How will this new world I am emerging into, gently weave me into a unique space within it's amazingly complex web? How will I choose to honor and show gratitude for this process? Today I will do my best to choose these questions... over the "questioning" of my talents, skills, patterns and abilities. Today I choose to intentionally push into the light of my hopes and dreams (and loving).

I have been working hard in the garden... it is time to see what comes next.