Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring... is close!

I am planning on a big Spring roll out... so lots of new activity in the TreeBed Design Shop... and on Etsy starting March 20th... the first day of Spring!

Details coming soon... Have a happy St. Patrick's Day (what ever that means)!  

Friday, March 12, 2010


Sometimes the thing that keeps us from an efficient (and healthy) process... is our own baggage. We accumulate all sorts of mental "stuff" (good and bad), and it can often get in the way of using our full energy to accomplish goals. There are ideas or ways of doing things that may have been useful to us in the past... and now, those things might be road blocks to progress. Have you looked at your baggage lately to see if you still need it? Everyone carries their baggage in unique ways, and we all sift through it differently as well. I have decided to donate some older bags to the birds.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Process (the journey) = the Good Stuff

I was hoping to be a little more active with my blog posts this year... instead, I have been putting all my energy into trying to produce. I have felt this huge weight to be creating. The weight leads to a debilitating stress, and then a lack of understanding about what it means to be productive.

In the past few weeks I have discovered (or perhaps re-discovered) the joy the process. It started about a month ago when I was faced with my 15 mile bike ride home, in the dark... on a not so bike friendly route. I was tired from my full work day, and not feeling much like peddling home. However, I had no choice. I began to refocus and redefine the task at hand. I decided that I didn't have to view the ride home as, "how fast can I commute home". If I chose, I could view it as an opportunity for a moonlit bike ride through the Napa Valley (oh yeah!). Something that was healthy, and potentially enjoyable. About 10 minutes into my ride a giant full moon began to show it self above the hills of Napa. Beautiful. It was like my little gift for redefining and refocusing.

I have found a similar gift in approaching my creative tasks (all tasks really). Attempting to let go of what I will "produce" has allowed me to savor the act of "producing". The result is better production, and more knowledge gained along the way. I can hear the questions in my head that lead me to better answers... the answers (and questions) that keep me right in the middle of the good stuff.