Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Music, Myth & More...

Much of my creative energy the past year has gone into clearing old projects out of my way... either by finishing them off ("perfect" or not), or letting go of them. One of these projects was a CD collaboration that Chad Elliott and I started back in 2005. As a part of re-familiarizing myself with my recording software this winter, I remixed these 5 songs... and with the help of my Ritual co-worker Alec Ness (mastering)... have released this group of songs as an EP!

These songs speak to a very specific time in my life, and capture a part of my journey that naturally extends into my current project Bag of Simple. My hope is that these songs connect with someone on their journey, and fit for them in some meaningful way. It was certainly powerful for me to revisit these songs, as well as see how I have changed since recording them. I am so grateful for Chad's patience in working with me on this project, and for putting a great deal of enthusiasm, trust, and joy into recording these songs... as well as the support given during my current project!

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