Thursday, December 25, 2008

Buckshot Blogging

Well... I have decided to take a buckshot approach to blogging. I have always had my fingers in a little bit of everything (Jack of all trades... master of none), and I often dream about combining all my different "parts" into one. However, lately I have started to embrace the idea of my lack of cohesion. Maybe my many different parts are really what makes up my whole... rather than forcing them to be one, I will let them connect like a web.

Where does TreeBed Design fit in? TreeBed is often at the center of things... the structure I try to work my chaos from. So in this blog you will find my ramblings about my design process (and perhaps of others), current projects, random bits that seem to connect to the heart of TreeBed Design. What is the heart of TreeBed Design?

Observe... design, create, enjoy the process... repeat. The only guidelines are to care for earth, care for people, and return the surplus. These happen to be the same principles (not coincidentally) that guide Permaculture Design. The aesthetic often follows a wabi-sabi narrative that honors the imperfect (not sloppy) or natural beauty that blesses us all.

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